The company behind the airbag jeans is Airbag Inside Sweden AB (Mo'cycle®). The company has several patent pending airbag products for motorcycle riders and the airbag jeans are the first product to be launched.

The company has received funding from EU's Smart X program (Horizon 2020), Almi företagspartner (owned by the Swedish government), Västra Götalandsregionen (owned by the Swedish government) and 15 private Swedish investors.

Funding are needed to develop, test and CE approve the airbag products before launch. We are collecting interest from investors all over the world to raise funds so we can create the safest and most innovative clothing for motorcycle riders. You can invest as a private person or a company if you believe airbag clothing is the future.

Want to invest in airbag clothing?

Become a shareholder in Airbag Inside Sweden AB & benefit from the emerging wearable airbag market.

We will notify you when we do our next new share issue.

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